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Kenwood TK-780 / TK-880

Product Description

High capacity, wide bandwidth and high spec design make this the perfect radio for local government, utilities/public works and public service as well as all business fleets.


  • Available in high power 45W/40W models as well as 25W models
  • Designed to operate on conventional as well as trunking systems using wide or narrow bandwidth frequencies
  • Trunked mode up to 32 systems, 250 talk groups and 600 channels
  • Conventional mode up to 250 channel capacity
  • Built to meet or exceed U.S. military standards 810 C, D & E
  • LCD display with 10 alphanumeric characters and two additional characters for operational/status indicators


Product Brochure
TK-780 / TK-880


Kenwood TK-780 / TK-880

600 / 250

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