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Kenwood TK-260 / TK-360

This Radio has been Discontinued

Accessories are still available at

Product Description

Sleek and sturdy, these are easy-to-handle portables for any situation requiring dependable communications in a compact package. Weighing in at only 14 oz., the TK-260/360 is loaded with features. These 8 channel radios meet MIL-STD specifications so they fit into any work environment.


  • 8-channel capacity
  • Up to 5 watts output power
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Large speaker with high audio output
  • QT/DQT built-in signaling
  • 2-tone talk-back paging


KRA-14M VHF Helical Antenna 148-162 MHz
KRA-14M2 VHF Helical Antenna 162-174 MHz
KRA-14M3 VHF Helical Antenna 136-150 MHz
KRA-16M VHF stubby antenna 148-162 MHz
KRA-16M2 VHF Stubby Antenna 162-174 MHz
KRA-16M3 VHF Stubby Antenna 136-150 MHz

KRA-15AM UHF Whip Antenna 450-490 MHz
KRA-15AM2 UHF Whip Antenna 470-512 MHz
KRA-15AM3 UHF Whip Antenna 403-430 MHz
KRA-17M UHF Stubby Antenna 450-490 MHz
KRA-17M2 UHF Stubby Antenna 470-512 MHz
KRA-17M3 UHF Stubby Antenna 403-430 MHz


KNB-14 600 mAh Ni-Cd Battery
KNB-15 1100 mAh Ni-Cd Battery
KBP-1 Refillable AA Battery Pack


KVC-3 Vehicular Charger Adapter
KVC-4 Vehicular Charger Adapter
KSC-15 Desktop Charger
KSC-16 Six Unit Charger Adapter

Speaker Microphones

KMC-17 Speaker Microphone
KMC-21 Compact Speaker Microphone

Earpieces and Headsets

KEP-2 2.5mm Earphone Kit
KHS-1 Headset with VOX and PTT
KHS-7 Headset with Boom Microphone
KHS-7a Headset with Boom Microphone and PTT
KHS-8BE Beige Two-Wire Palm Mic w/ Earphone
KHS-8BL Black Two-Wire Palm Mic w/ Earphone
KHS-9BE Beige Lapel Mic with Earphone
KHS-9BL Black Lapel Mic with Earphone

Carrying Accessories

KWR-1 Water Resistant Bag
KBH-8DS Leather Swivel Belt Loop
KLH-6SW Leather Swivel Belt Loop



Kenwood TK-260 / TK-360

Over 50 Years of Serving Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina