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 Paging Customers - Important Information
Morris Communications, Inc. is pleased to announce we have entered into a partnership with American Messaging Services, LLC whereby we will work together to provide your messaging services. We are very excited about our new arrangement and are fully committed to providing you with the same high level of service you have historically received while leveraging American Messaging’s processes and its investment in new technologies.

With that said, a new billing system, Online Account Management tool and lockbox will be introduced as part of our ongoing effort to make our services easy to use. We are continually working to provide customers with more efficient methods to manage their account.
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BeepOne Paging System
A quality product line of Morris Communications, Inc., BEEPONE is our exclusive, wide-area digital network that services our BEEPONE pager products as well as other types of communication options we offer. With BEEPONE, your pager communication coverage areas are virtually unlimited; select from multi-state, state-wide, regional, or city-wide.
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Vertex Standard: Maximize Your Savings Promotion

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